“What do you feel like you are having”?…past and present.

20180629_085145If you are like me, some of you may have experienced this saying by people around you. When I was pregnant with Penelope, before my boyfriend and I knew what the gender was going to be I “felt” like I was going to be having a boy. As time went on and the gender was revealed we discovered Penelope is a girl! With the new baby growing inside my womb I have already reheard the famous question: “What do you feel like you are having”? Well, to be honest…I feel like I am having a boy. Here is why. I was extremely sick during the 6 week mark up until the 15th week. With Penelope I remember being sick for most of the 1st and 2nd trimester. I just don’t feel as sick with baby number 2. I do have 1 little curveball thought on the gender. The heartbeats sound very similar in pace; therefore, my physical body maybe deceiving me. To put all of this at rest the gender of baby number 2 will be identified on September 5th! I will be creating a blog for this event. Penelope and baby number 2 will be around 14 months apart. My desire is for them to share such a close sibling bond. So, with this being said. Have you ever heard this saying? What did you “feel” you were having, and were you spot on?

-Erica R.